Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ever-Advancing Civilization Is Part Of Natural Law.

As Mises said "Conditions were much better in the past, when the peoples of Western civilization were unanimous in endorsing the values of Christian ethics." (Theory and History, Chapter Three)

There is nothing about the divine economy theory that differs from voluntaryism. If a person who is out on the ocean wants to fish - fine. If a person out on the ocean wants to live in the cabin below and watch cowboys riding horses around in arid country - fine. Neither or none of the choices made or the actions taken change the reality that the ocean is vast and in a sense unfathomable.

Regardless of what a person does it is part of the cause and effect that is part of the dynamic of the economy and the economy is a divine reality similar to the unfathomability of the ocean.

When the universal ethics of this epoch (or era or dispensation) is generally assimilated then the characteristics of a divine civilization noticed by Mises will be evident and will continually evolve as part of the ever-advancing civilization.

No where is there any need for interventionism which has no moral authority and is a corruption of the divine economy processes.

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