Friday, March 30, 2012

How Long Does Ideological Change Take?

The big question is: how long does ideological change take? The genius of Ron Paul is his recognition that freedom brings people together and so what before was disjointed, disconnected, and separated can now – through the tolerance and forebearance of the belief in liberty – become as one; side by side and hand in hand the atheists and the Jews and the Muslims and the Catholics and the Protestants and the skeptics and the Mormons and the Adventists and and the agnostics and the Hindus and the Buddhists and the Baha’is and the New Agers all see that liberty is what sustains their subjective choices and justice protects those choices. The ideological change that is building – and with Godspeed may reach critical mass soon enough for an orderly transition – is the wild card!

One thing that I discovered in my research is that the inherent classical liberalism basis of human civilization is always present and so there is no need to fear a void when the State is destroyed!

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