Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Classical Liberalism Is Not Hermeneutical Libertatianism.

The classically liberal misnomer: Classical liberalism has been deliberately undermined ever since the State came into existence, undermined by obvious enemies and surreptitious enemies.

Always though, the divine forces inherent in equilibrium have been significant, more or less obvious depending on the exact moment in time historically. There is little disagreement among wise observers that we are in a special time historically. For the so-called "classically liberal" to view things so narrowly as to see Iowa as a watershed to verify hermeneutical libertarianism is short-sighted to say the least.

But it probably is not simply short-sighted, it probably has more to do with the surreptitious attack on classical liberalism by the phony namesakes, the hermeneutical libertarians.

How fast are things changing in the world? What could happen tomorrow to drastically change perception? Only those who truly appreciate and understand the forces of equilibrium can perceive the long run and know that the spin doctors (no matter whether they pretend and claim to be classical liberals or not) are in some way just trying to serve themselves, oblivious of what is beyond their myopic vision.

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