Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hermeneutical Libertarians Resemble Neocons.

Steve Horwitz instantly shows his colors when he connects classical liberalism to J. S. Mill in the third paragraph. He is either a poor historian or he is deliberately trying to derail classical liberalism by attempting to take it down another track that allows for empirical hermeneutics. The truth is that Horwitz may call himself a libertarian and he may even be a libertarian but it is an outright lie that he is a classical liberal. His 'classical liberalism' lineage stems from J.S. Mill which makes him a 'liberal' with the likes of Keynes (whose fallacious economics stems from Mill).

Is Horwitz a Keynesian? No. Is Horwitz a classical liberal? No. Is Horwitz a hermeneutic libertarian? Yes. Would hermeneutic libertarians try to distort the message of true classical liberalism? Yes. Does true classical liberalism represent a 'danger' to the ego-driven interpretations of the hermeneutic libertarians? Yes. Is it now clear why Horwitz is acting like a neocon?

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Steven Horwitz said...

Please Bruce, please show me where I have EVER "acted like a neocon." You are totally and completely insane.

Steven Horwitz said...

Please provide textual evidence that I am a "neocon." Absent that, I will continue to consider you batshit crazy.

Divine Economy Consulting said...

Dear Steven,

The second to the last question asked in the blog entry was: "Does true classical liberalism represent a 'danger' to the ego-driven interpretations of the hermeneutic libertarians? Yes."

Then, implied in the last question is this: Would anything be more desirable to a neocon than to extinguish the truth and power of classical liberalism? The answer is "No." Neocons seek to undermine classical liberalism. And since your 'education' claims Mill is a classical liberal ("Classical liberalism started as a movement of the left, with folks like J.S. Mill being our standard bearers"), the distortion with the intent to destroy is as obvious as the Sun at midday in the desert!

You can call names ("You are totally and completely insane.") and maybe even run and hide (like you did by removing my opinions shared on your Facebook - to keep the fooled uninformed) or you can have a open dialog in full view of the public so people can decide for themselves who is or is not a classical liberal and who is or is not using their economic training to educate.

I suspect you will hide again!

In pursuit of liberty and justice,
Bruce Koerber